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Therapeutic Services

I am ONLY providing virtual/teletherapy sessions at this time.

I am solely an out-of-pocket/private pay therapist and DO NOT bill your insurance. I offer superbills to clients who wish to submit their own insurance claims for reimbursement.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment. Late cancellation and no-show fees do apply.


According to the No Surprises Act, you are entitled to receive a Good Faith Estimate to ensure total transparency of what my services may cost.


If finances are barrier to seeking support, please reach out to inquire about my sliding scale availability.

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Individual Therapy

Therapy begins with a 75-minute intake session ($215). This is our formal "get-to-know you" session, which serves as an initial overview/information-gathering session to develop your individualized care plan.


After the intake, I offer 45 to 60-minute ($170) therapy sessions, or 90-minute ($255) therapy sessions. The longer sessions may be helpful for those who find they need more time to create art or process deeper therapeutic themes. 

We can work together to determine the best frequency and treatment approach for you based on your individual goals, interests, and needs.

Parent Consultations &
Family Therapy

Sometimes it is helpful to speak with my clients' support network about their care and treatment progress. This is especially true for my clients in eating disorder recovery, as family and friends have the ability to create a pro-recovery home environment for you. 

I offer 45 to 60-minute parent sessions where I consult only with parents about how to best support my clients' treatment goals ($170), and I offer 60 to 90-minute family therapy sessions with parents and my clients together to address changes to the home environment/routines and foster open communication/expression ($170-$255).


These appointments are scheduled only when it is therapeutically appropriate to my individual clients' care.

Painting Supplies
Art Class

Group Therapy

I run different therapeutic groups throughout the year. This could be a good option for you if you are looking for support but I don't have individual openings, you want extra support in addition to individual therapy, or you are interested in increasing your social support network.

Current Group Offering:

Art Therapy Process Group for Mental Health Professionals, Cost is $60 per group. Group meets every week on Fridays from 1-2 pm. Starts March 3, 2023. The group will remain open to new members who are interested in joining. No artistic experience/training is required to join.

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