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Therapeutic Services

I provide virtual/teletherapy sessions ONLY at this time. No in-person therapy options.

I am an entirely out-of-pocket therapist and DO NOT work with any insurance panels. Superbills are available to those who wish to submit their own insurance claims for reimbursement.

All out-of-pocket/cash-pay clients are entitled to receive a Good Faith Estimate to ensure total transparency of my service costs prior to the first appointment.


If finances are barrier to seeking support, please reach out to inquire about my limited sliding scale availability.

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Individual Therapy

Therapy begins with a 75-minute intake session ($215). This is our "get-to-know you" appointment, which serves as an initial overview/information-gathering session so I can develop your individualized care plan.


After the intake, I offer 50-minute psychotherapy sessions for a rate of $170.

We can work together to determine the best frequency and treatment approach for you based on your individual goals, interests, and needs.

Caregiver Consultations &
Family Therapy

Sometimes it is helpful to speak with caregivers and/or external supports to check in about client care, or to address relational dynamics in the home environment that may be impacting the client. 

I offer 50-minute caregiver-only consultations (without the client present), and I offer 50-minute family therapy sessions, where caregivers and clients meet together. These appointments are $170.


These appointments are scheduled only when it is therapeutically appropriate to my individual clients' care.

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Art Class

Group Therapy and Workshops

I run different therapeutic groups throughout the year. This could be a good option for you if you are looking for support but I don't have individual openings, you want extra support in addition to individual therapy, or you are interested in increasing your social support network.

Cost = $50 - $60 per group.

I also facilitate art therapy workshops/retreats! Workshops/retreats are personalized and customizable based on the goals/intentions you're hoping to achieve. If you would like me to come to your work site to lead a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 2-hour workshop for you and your colleagues/staff, please submit a contact form to inquire.

Cost = $700 - $1400

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